Micro-Influencer Marketing

Most efficient way to acquire users.



more retention.


more ROI than social ads.

It's native word-of-mouth

An average user is exposed to 1000s of ads each day, and have developed blinders to them. Posts by influencers, blend into the native feed of the user giving higher visibility and engagement.

There are few things that drive a sale more effectively than a warm word-of-mouth recommendation from friends and influencers.


Visits from micro-influencers convert 2X better than social ads.

When machine intelligence meets human insights

1. Target right audience

Our AI-based algorithms match the best micro-influencers for your startup.

2. Human insights

Each influencer then promotes campaigns based on their audience's interest, hence reaching the precise target audience.

You are in good company


AND 100's MORE

Our micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are paid for the users they bring-in based on how you configure your campaign's goal of clicks, engagement or shares.

All our influencers are mini-celebrities of their friend circles. Their social clout sways on what and where their friends or followers buy from.

From entrepreneurs to technocrats, from bankers to homemakers we have got them all covered.

Some of our micro-influencers lead high-engagement social communities with tens of thousands of followers.

Every micro-influencer on SA is manually vetted and algorithmically curated.


of influencers


in reach

Hard core analytics

Get a real-time snapshot of how each of your campaigns is performing on your SA dashboard. See who is promoting your campaign and the users you are getting.

Automatically track campaign visits on whatever web-analytics you use.

Only pay per performance.

No upfront commitment.

How does it work for Startups?

As easy as creating a Facebook Ad. Using our fully automated, DIY dashboard, it takes just 2 minutes to get your campaign live and your users flowing in.

1. Sign up & create campaign

Sign up and create a customized campaign by specifying the link to promote & brief description of your product.

2. Target your influencers.

Choose your target audience, based on location, age, profession, income level, etc.

3. Measure impact.

Just sit back and control your social marketing. Track analytics of your campaign on your SA dashboard.

How startups use SA?

1. Social buzz

Any new offer or event? Want help to kick-start a viral loop on social media?

2. Brand awareness

Be at the top of mind of your users. Keep the conversation about your brand going.

3. Content marketing

The best distribution channel for your blog/stories. Boost the ROI of your connect marketing.

3. Acquire users

Reach your target users via native "word of mouth". 2X better conversion

Why SomethingAwesome works?

A better way to reach users.

Startups spend millions on Facebook or Google ads and these ads are forced on people's social feeds even if they don't want. With SA our influencers share only those posts which they know their friend circle cares about.

Why startups love SomethingAwesome?

As this has been already proven "word of mouth" publicity is the best publicity. You are more likely to watch a movie if some friend recommends it. Visitors from SA campaigns convert 2X better than social ads and have 37% higher retention rates.

Pay only for measurable results.

Get the maximum ROI for your every rupee. You get charged per engagement generated for your sponsored posts.

AI-driven matching and fraud detection.

Our artificial intelligence based algorithms understand the audience you may need and send promotions to the right influencers. Also, our state-of-the-art fraud detection algorithm ensures that only genuine users and engagements are allowed.

Why micro-influencer marketing is the future?

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